Eskbank used to meet Bonnyrigg & Lasswade Community Council ward where the Broomieknow golf course started to the west of Eskbank. The A7 bypass cut through the eastern side of the golf course, creating pockets of land to the west of Eskbank which are now being extensively developed. While those housing developments seemed an extension of Eskbank they were actually still in Bonnyrigg & Lasswade CC ward until very recently when we finally got the boundary of ENCC ward changed to run along the new route of the A7, effectively from Lothian Bridge viaduct (by the Sun Inn) to the Sheriffhall Roundabout (see the map on the top page of the ABOUT section). This takes in a section of the North Esk valley, between the A7 bridge by Melvilledykes down past the Elginhaugh bridge and on to the Glenesk viaduct, and includes the approaches to Melville Castle. Thankfully the picturesque North Esk valley is protected from development by a number of planning policies. It is not well known, but is becoming more frequently accessed with the opening up of many paths to and within the Melville Castle estate, and the location of new houses off Lasswade Road whose residents are discovering and exploring this area. Some of us have known about it for decades but I guess we have to share it (however a lot of the resident mammals – deer, fox, badgers, even mink – have been disturbed and are seen much less frequently).

Here are some images from around there.