Action on speeding: 30 mph stickers for bins

As a contribution to our campaign for safer roads in our ward we (ENCC) have this week (ending Dec 19th) secured a (free) batch of stickers which residents can place on each side (facing up and down the road) of their grey and blue rubbish bins. These stickers are of the regular 30 mph traffic sign. On each morning when the bins are out these will remind drivers that they are within a 30 mph zone and should comply with the speed limit. It will also show that the community cares about this issue.

From the initial supply of stickers we are prioritising Dalhousie, Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Roads which are most affected by speeding issues. Community councillors are going door-to-door giving these out to residents, but if we have missed you (or haven’t got to you yet) and you want a set, please contact us at giving your details. The supply we have is limited, but we can ask for more, so if folk anywhere in the ward want to be put on a waiting list for these stickers also let us know.

You may have noted that our actions have resulted in the Police Mobile Camera Unit taking action in the locality on several occasions, which will continue, and local police have committed to deploying hand-held radar speed checks when the days get lighter