Changeworks: local energy efficiency project

Changeworks is a 3-year project to support households to reduce carbon and save energy and money. The link to the project website is: Changeworks in Dalkeith | Changeworks.

In the first year, the project concentrated on engaging with households in Dalkeith. Now in the second year, the project is expanding support more widely in Midlothian, specifically Eskbank, Easthouses, Mayfield and Newbattle.  They are looking to support the local community via engaging through existing community links as well as organizing flagship events.

They are currently working or have worked with:

  • Midlothian Vocal
  • One Dalkeith
  • Grassy Riggs drop in
  • The Pantry in Woodburn
  • St John’s and King’s Park Church community café
  • Children and Families support in Dalkeith
  • Alz Scotland in Dalkeith and Penicuik
  • Sure Start in Bonnyrigg
  • MAEDT (Food Pantry)
  • Gorebridge Food Pantry
  • Warm and Well Hubs in Newbattle and Gorebridge libraries

Their flagship events have covered the following topics:

  • Hard to heat homes
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Sustainable transport

The timing of the project has coincided with the energy crisis and rise in energy bills so that has naturally formed the majority of their engagements but they are able to support households if they are interested in renewable technologies and funding for making homes more energy efficient such as improving insulation.