Dalkeith Coronavirus Resilience Groups on Facebook

Local neighbourhood resilience groups across Dalkeith, including locations in the ENCC ward, are setting up “closed” Facebook pages to exchange specific information on the consequences of the measures taken in response to the coronavirus epidemic and to organise provision of help, in their immediate neighbourhoods. A “parent” facebook group lists all of these local groups as they are formed, and local residents should apply to join the one covering their area. That parent group’s Facebook page can be accessed here.

Those involved realise that not everyone has home internet access or a device which can do this, let alone use Facebook if they do, but those that do have the means can organise through such groups to identify and communicate with those neighbours who don’t, especially the “at risk” groups, elderly, infirm or self-isolating for whatever reason

A more detailed set of information may be required for this, and we will create a specific page here in this website to cater for that if required.