December 2021 meeting

Note that our next monthly meeting will be on Wednesday December 8 at 6:30 pm in the Boardroom of Edinburgh College (our usual venue). We have been meeting face-to-face since re-convening in September and meetings are open to residents if they want to attend. Many will be aware that the Boardroom cannot accommodate a large public attendance, so with Covid-19 still circulating many may choose not to attend. If you hesitate to attend but wish to raise some matter, please contact us in advance either by email ( or on our contact form on this website. We are currently trialing remote attendance by Zoom for Community Councillors and elected representatives who cannot attend in person. So far this seems to have worked but is far from ideal. We will discuss whether to extend this to residents – but if you have a pressing issue that you cannot present in person we may be able to extend the Zoom facility to you (contact us).

For those who will attend please follow Government advice and conduct a Covid-19 lateral flow test before coming – home test kits are widely available and free. It would also help if you can give us advance notice that you will attend so that we are able to estimate numbers who will occupy the room.

The minutes of our last and previous meetings are published on our website. An agenda will be published there when it is finalised, and you should send us details now of any matter you want included.

We would like to take this opportunity to state that we intend to meet in January, and to have our AGM at the beginning of that meeting. There are several vacancies for membership of the Community Council and we would welcome new applicants – who should submit their details on the relevant forms well before then. We will give further details soon.

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