ENCC locality-specific information – update 24/03

It is difficult to get confirmed information on what is happening locally, so we ask folk to share their first-hand experiences with us so that we can pass them on to the community.

Things were very quiet early on, but there is some traffic and foot movement picking up in the late morning, probably heading for the local supermarkets or walkers out for their daily (allowed) stroll. We had some information on store openings up to yesterday, but no information on what may have changed, if anything.

As far as we know the two nearest supermarkets, Tesco’s and Morrison’s, are open as usual but we have not heard if that has changed since yesterday.
Morrison’s introduced an NHS hour at all stores at the beginning of every day, Monday to Saturday, so NHS workers can shop for groceries for themselves and their families. This will be from 7am to 8am and a Morrisons staff member will be on the door to let staff with an NHS badge in. Their new opening hours for all our other customers are 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays they’ll be open as usual.
We expect similar measures will be in place at Tesco’s but as yet have no confirmed information (so a first-hand update would be welcome).

Update 25/03
Dobbies closing all stores with immediate effect – ignore what is below

Dobbies have issued the following:
We have carefully reviewed the guidance provided by Government, which clearly states that food shops, home and hardware shops, and pet shops should continue to operate to provide essential goods.
In all of these categories Dobbies already provides a comprehensive range, sales in these categories represent 70% of our turnover. We have therefore taken the decision to continue to operate our stores to serve our local communities.
There will, however, be strict procedures in place to protect our customers and team members:

  • Limiting the number of customers that can be in the store
  • Social distancing rules will apply requiring that we keep two metres apart at all times

We will be working very hard today to bring these changes into immediate effect.

Eskbank Trading have issued the following:

Please read the following information regarding Eskbank Trading during the current Coronavirus pandemic. As always, we appreciate your support as valuable customers and your understanding at this time.
Our opening hours will now be 7am – 7pm until further notice.
It is a matter of high priority that we ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Please make as much of an effort as possible to keep a reasonable distance between other customers while in store. Also take into consideration that if you see that the shop is already busy, waiting a few moments outisde for some customers to finish their shopping is a good option.
We are trying to handle as little cash as possible in store, so wherever possible we will encourage card payment. Please note that our minimum spend on credit and debit cards will remain at £3.00.
Please take into consideration that now is not the time for social visits to the shop. We appreciate all of our customers, but please understand that for the safety of our customers and staff we are trying to encourage the following:
You are quick and efficient with your shopping where possible
You limit your social activity within the shop
Try to plan your shop so that you have enough supplies for a few days, rather than shopping day by day. We receive deliveries on a daily basis and are able to provide most products. Some may be limited to one item per customer, hopefully with patience this will improve quickly.
Please take it upon yourself to use your initiative, be mindful of yourself and others, and respect our staff when shopping with us. We are an essential business in the local area and will remain open as long as we possibly can, and thus, the health and safety of our staff members and customers is of highest priority.

ICR Vets:
As the UK is now on lock down, we will only be able to see urgent or emergency cases.
We will  be calling clients tomorrow to postpone any non-urgent consultations and  operations for 3 months, by which time we hope this will be over. We will still see clients who require the following:

Puppy/kitten/1st year boosters – we need to prevent disease at these  times. Adult boosters can go overdue by up to 3 months with no concerns  to immunity.
Neuters if risk of pregnancy or ill health (e.g. cannot be kept inside)
Dental work without which the animal might be in pain
Lump removals if lumps have potential to spread or are causing pain
Emergency cases
Urgent cases after initial video consultation with a vet or nurse, who deems the pet needs to be seen at the practice

All previous rules apply – staff only in the building, we have now labelled our parking bays so you can text us from your car to let us know where you are – please follow instructions on the signs. Please register here to enable us to efficiently book you a video consultation. You can still collect your pets’ medications, please call us or order on our website.


We hear that Boots allow only 6 customers into their premises at a time (last Friday the queue outside were not social distancing but standing around close to each other chatting!). We hear that Shorts fuel pumps are open as usual. We hear that Harbro’s are open for pet and farm-animal supplies.

We will try to update this as we get information.

Other questions and help have been received and will be added to another post.