Eskbank and Newbattle Local Place Plan – a survey

Eskbank & Newbattle Community Council (ENCC) has prepared a questionnaire  as a consultation for ENCC ward residents and other stakeholders (see below) as a contribution towards preparation of a Local Place Plan for our area.

Please download our Questionnaire at Survey 1.docx

and save it for editing.

If you have an older version of Word and cannot open “docx” documents let us know and we can email you a “dot” version of this document.

You don’t have to complete the questionnaire at one sitting if you don’t have time – save what you have completed and return to it when you can spare time, then when you have finished email the saved Word doc to us at as an attachment. It is important that we get a good response from across the Eskbank & Newbattle area, so please try to find time to complete this survey, scoring all of the 14 themes and adding your comments below each.


Local Place Plans (LPP) were introduced by The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 (Section 14) which contains a new right for communities to produce these plans as part of the new Scottish planning system.  The aim is to further public engagement and involvement in local planning.

Midlothian Council (Planning) have recently invited all of Midlothian’s Community Councils to lead on production of a LPP for their area. You can find information on the application of this in Midlothian here (link).

The preparation of a Local Place Plan requires the community body preparing the plan to undertake community engagement and consultation. Our questionnaire is part of that process, and the themes/questions are based on those in the recommended Place Standard Tool (link to download the PDF document for further information, if required).

This questionnaire is aimed at all residents of Eskbank and Newbattle as defined by the Eskbank & Newbattle Community Council (ENCC) map boundary. You can find a map showing the ENCC boundary  here (link). You can find further information on ENCC on the Midlothian Council website (link) and on ENCC’s website at We would also like to hear from other stakeholders who operate in our area, such as businesses, employees, organisations, civic or national entities – and any suggestions by residents on which of these organizations we should contact.

Our email address for all responses and questions relating to this LPP is