First meeting of ENCC of 2023

Our February 9th meeting is the first meeting of ENCC of 2023 (see Events), and takes place as usual on the second Thursday of the month (6:30 pm). Note that we do not routinely meet in January, April, July or August. The agenda and a draft minute of our previous meeting (December 2022) awaiting approval will be published here closer to the time. We welcomed new councillors, elected at our AGM in December. Note that our meetings, held in Edinburgh College Midlothian Campus (3rd floor Boardroom), are open to all ward residents and are usually attended by all of our elected representatives (Councillors) from Midlothian Council and by a representatives from the local unit of Police Scotland.

Residents may raise matters and comment through our Chair, but it is helpful if ENCC can be advised of matters of concern in advance through our email (below) so that information can be sourced before the meeting and an informed response formulated. ENCC should be formally contacted by email or through the contact form on this website, there are no other contact options (except informally, in conversation with any Community Councillor).

Note that ENCC is not responsible for the Eskbank & Newbattle Community Forum Facebook Group which is administerted independently by former ENCC members, so while current ENCC members may see posts there it should not be assumed that any are aware of them, so please communicate with ENCC via email. Also, ENCC only expresses its collective view via this website. While individual ENCC members who are also members of that group may post or comment on that Facebook group, their comments are personal and do not necessarily represent the collective agreed position of ENCC. Nevertheless, that Facebook group Eskbank & Newbattle Community Forum is a good source of information and debate which many residents will find useful and ENCC currently sees no need to set up another to, essentially, serve the same purpose. ENCC can share links to their website posts on that Facebook group.

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