Our local police have given us the following information and advice.

The Community officers covering ENCC (at January 2021) are PC’s Rob Wallace & Tracey Mcshane. The community mailbox for ENCC area is:
This is not monitored 24hrs & should not be used where an urgent reply is required.

General Crime prevention advice along with domestic/commercial Crime prevention survey’s can be provided  – free – by speaking with your local Community police officer in person or by contacting your local Community policing team at the email above or phone 0131 654 5524 or 101

The local police regularly find that people don’t take suitable, often very basic, steps to prevent crime themselves. That said hopefully they can provide some worthwhile advice, and perhaps prompt people to take a little more care & encourage residents to get in touch if there is any suspicious activity or signs of criminality.

With regards to home, garden & vehicle security please see below for a few tips & please bear in mind contact can be made with your local community police officers to have a comprehensive crime prevention survey carried out on your business premises or dwelling house.

  • Fences, walls & gates should be in a good state of repair of a height no more than 6ft allowing natural surveylance by neighbours.Gates where practible should be locked.
  • Planting of bushes etc which are “jaggy” eg. pyrocanthus make ideal barriers in particular below windows, access to flat roofs etc.
  • Pathways around the home constructed of loose chippings which make noise when walked on.
  • Limit nooks & cranny’s where an intruder can secrete themselves out of sight.
  • Anti climb paint & signage can deter anyone from scaling fences,walls, roofs etc
  • Ensure adequate lighting around the property,consider dusk until dawn units, PIR activated units & now low energy LED units.
  • Install an intruder alarm covering your dwelling & outbuildings.
  • Consider cctv (decent lighting to allow correct operation).
  • Ensure minimum 5 lever/multi point locks are installed on all external doors (Do not leave the keys in the locks inside, outside or within sight ).
  • Double glazed window units are considered to be most secure along with window locks with keys removed.
  • Plug in timers on table lamps can give the impression of someone being home when your out.
  • Keep all valuables out of sight & perhaps install a small lockable safe for more valuable items (photograph & document these).
  • With regards outbuildings containing bicycles, tools etc the items should themselves be marked & secured inside out of sight.The outbuilding can potentially be added to the home intruder alarm system or have a stand alone system.At the very least decent hasps/padlocks/coach bolts should be installed to a sturdy door & frame.Windows can be obscured or boarded over preventing the oppertunist seeing what is within.
  • Vehicles should be locked, garaged where possible & if not, parked in a well lit area, with no valuables visible & NO keys (house/car) left within the vehicle.

The above is not an exhaustive list & more in depth information & advice can be given should it be required.

Please contact Constables Rob Wallace or Tracey Mcshane your Dalkeith area Community Beat Officers in the first instance.