Midlothian move to Tier 2 Covid-19 restrictions cancelled

The following no longer applies since the anticipated move to Tier 2 has been cancelled at the last minute due to an increase in infections, and we remain in Tier 3 as of November 24. However the information is useful and hopefully we can move to Tier 2 sometime soon. Meantime it is a huge disappontment for hospitality in our ward, especially the Justinlees and the Sun Inn which had been gearing up for extended opening tonight. We’ll miss them.

Quoting the CPP release:

All members of the Community Planning group (CPP) have been asked to help with getting the message out that, although Midlothian is entering tier 2, we must continue to follow the guidelines and observe FACTS in order to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.

At this time of movement within tiers there is a lot of confusion about what you are allowed to do within Tier 2,  and so Jim Sherval of NHS Lothian pointed CPP members in the direction of this useful graphic which details what is permitted in Tier 2:


There is also a lack of awareness about the physical position of local authority boundaries and some services cover more than one local authority – e.g. NHS Lothian will cover West Lothian at tier4, City of Edinburgh at tier3 as well as East Lothian and Midlothian at tier 2.  Maybe community councils can help local people who are asking questions about these things.

It was recognised that Straiton shopping centre is a particular area where vigilance is going to be needed.

This week-end will be a challenge but put together Black Friday and the last pay-day before Christmas plus the potential for lots of shoppers from different areas and you have the perfect spreading conditions for the virus. Police will not stop and challenge drivers but will be reminding folk about the law regarding travel out of  tier 3 and tier 4 areas.  There may be a need to remind Midlothian people about the ban on unnecessary travel into a tier 3 area in case Midlothian residents are thinking of travelling to Cameron Toll or Fort Kinnaird shopping centres.

Midlothian people have worked hard and sacrificed a great deal to bring down the rate of Covid-19 infections in the county.  We need to encourage people to continue to follow the guidelines and stick to the rules that have been put in place so that Midlothian can keep its rate of infections decreasing. The virus is still out there and we cannot afford to get complacent. We have a relatively small population in Midlothian,  and so a very few cases could see us back into Tier 3.

Community councils are being asked to use all our links into our local communities to spread this message.  The hope is that Midlothian can continue to lower the infection rate and so get some respite at Christmas.  But this is a very fragile thing and we must continue to be careful and observe FACTS.