A series of local, streetwise, neighbourhood coronavirus resilience groups are being set up across Eskbank and Newbattle to organise neighbours who can offer help and neighbours who need help. These are coming together through closed Facebook pages administered by residents of each neighbourhood, and residents should find their local group on Facebook and apply to join.

Different neighbourhoods will have their own organisation and ways of communication, especially with neighbours who don’t use Facebook or even use computers or other smart devices. Additional intra-neighbourhood communication may be set up, for example WhatsApp groups. Join and find out what your neighbourhood is doing.

A list of local neighbourhood groups is given in the table below. Click on the group name to go to their Facebook page.

Eskbank & Newbattle Neighbourhood Coronavirus Resilience Groups

Name of GroupRoads Covered
Elginhaugh GardensElginhaugh Gardens
Orchard view (admin needed)Orchard View
Weir Crescent Residents Coronavirus ResilienceMelville Estate (Weir Crescent, Weir Court, Kerr Avenue, Crame Terrace, Martin Place, Wishart Place)
Eskbank Court ResidentsEskbank Court
Glensek Residents Coronavirus ResilienceGlenesk Crescent, Eskview Villas, Avenue Road, Melville Road up to Glenarch
Eskbank Neighbourhood WatchPark Road, Waverley Road, Meadowspot, Ancrum Bank, Ancrum Road, Newbattle Road, Glenesk Road, Eskbank Terrace, Abbey Road and Torsonce Road.
St Davids Residents & OwnersSt Davids Gardens, St David’s Avenue, St David’s Grove, St David’s Terrace
Newbattle Gardens Residents Coronavirus ResilienceNewbattle Gardens
Kippielaw Road, Kippielaw Walk, Kippielaw Drive, Kippielaw Gardens, Kippielaw Medway
Wester Kippielaw Residents GroupWester Kippilaw
Newbattle Abbey Crescent Residents Coronavirus ResilienceNewbattle Abbey Crescent, other houses from Basically Tools to Newbattle Parish Church – within and outwith the college grounds, excluding the college
Lasswade Road & Station Road Residents Coronavirus ResilienceLasswade Road & Station Road
Eskbank SupportA group for the general Eskbank area.
It includes Dalhousie Road, Dalhousie Bank, Strawberry Bank, Lothian Bank, Melville Terrace, Dalhousie Crescent, and Guthrie Tait Gardens which are not covered by another area-specific group.
Jewel Gardens Community PageJewel Gardens, College Medway and Larkfield Gardens
Formed - admins neededEsk Valley Terrace
Hardengreen Neighbourhood WatchHardengreen Lane
Westfield Dalkeith ResidentsWestfield Park, Westfield Bank, Westfield Grove
Muirpark NeighboursMuirpark
Bonnyrigg Road Coronavirus ResilienceBonnyrigg Road
Cortleferry Residents ResilienceCortleferry Park, Cortleferry Terrace, Cortleferry Drive, Cortleferry Avenue, Beechgrove Avenue, Walker Crescent, Larkfield Drive
Eskfield Grove Coronavirus ResilienceEskfield Grove
Larkfield Dundas Bellfield & Broomhill Coronavirus ResilienceDundas Crescent, Dundas Road, Larkfield Road, Bellfield Avenue and Broomhill Drive.
Find Your Dalkeith Group hereA Facebook page showing all of the neighbourhood resilience group notified to us so far.
Post messages here if you have formed a new group.