Next ENCC meeting September 3

As advised in the minute of our June 4 meeting our next meeting will be on Thursday September 3. Unfortunately Covid-19 restrictions and guidance dictate that we cannot yet meet physically, in public, so we will again have to meet on line by videoconference. For the reasons given previously (for the June 4 meeting), mainly around equitability of access and security, and on the advice of Midlothian Council, the meeting will not be open for access by residents.

We therefore ask that, as for our last meeting, any resident who wishes to raise any issue, make a point or submit information do so by contacting us by email at or via the comment form on this website. Please do so by Monday August 31.

A provisional agenda will be published here in advance and any valid submissions by residents will be included if not already covered. The community council will rule on the validity of submissions if necessary. As required by Midlothian Council a draft minute will be available within two weeks of the meeting.

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