Proposed road closures – consult by Oct 31

Midlothian Council have announced a one-week consultation – closing on Friday October 31 – on proposals to close Crawlees Road, Oatslie Road and Roslin Glen Road to vehicle traffic.

Funded by the Scottish Government as part of the Spaces for People Project (temporary Covid-19 responses) to encourage cycling, walking and other ways of travelling actively, the proposal is to close Crawlees Road, Mayfield; Oatslie Road, Roslin; and Roslin Glen Road to motor vehicles for 18 months.

The council has not implemented the project. They are keen to see if this specific project has wider community support or opposition before determining how to proceed or not.

If you support or object to this proposal, or any part of it, please make your views known through Midlothian Council’s website article or by email to