Recent water and waste water issues

We are aware of several issues, especially waste water surges from manholes and inspection sites, following yesterday evening’s (Sunday 14th Aug) heavy rain during the thunderstorm. We encourage all residents to report these directly to Scottish Water, but we welcome being informed of them. Some residents have experienced difficulties trying to report these on line. This is from Scottish Water’s website:


Report a Problem to Scottish Water

Portal: Report a problem through our portal here

On Twitter:@scottish_water


Need More Help?

Customer Helpline:0800 0778 778

Scottish Water operates a freephone Customer Helpline to handle any of your inquiries. This line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Post: The Bridge, 6 Buchanan Gate, Stepps, Glasgow, G33 6FB.


We found the Facebook site accepted one such report from us (we tried their Portal and Twitter sites) but only know this indirectly from another source. An email to them at elicited this case number assignation: “Should you need to follow up on this case, please contact us with reference CAS-1930598-S6N3F”. We recommend the 24/7 customer helpline telephone number (0800 0778 778) as probably the best way to make a report that you can be sure has got through.

Update: We have found that our report at their Facebook site was fairly quickly acknowledged in a reply to our post, and a case number CAS-1930594-L4F8G was assigned. This takes precedence, so other “cases” (the one in response to our email) which refer to the same incident have been closed. Evidently their Facebook site is a useful way to make reports of incidents.