Winter Newsletter 2022: newsletter for Disabled People living in Midlothian

Please find a link below to the annual “Winter Newsletter 2022″ – a newsletter for Disabled People living in Midlothian.

This newsletter is produced by Forward Mid as a supportive communication particularly for Disabled People across Midlothian and professionals supporting Disabled People, during the Winter season.

This newsletter is full of information on what support is available for disabled people during winter – for many the most challenging season of the year. Inside you’ll find out about local organisations that can give you practical help – from saving money on your energy bills to keeping your home and bank balance safe. There are tips on how you can look after you own physical and mental health as well as how you can help yourself and your neighbours with an extensive list of emergency contact numbers. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of winter is keeping in contact with people regularly and safely, feeling the warmth that a good conversation can have. Bad weather can put paid to physically meeting people but, inside Forward Mid’s Winter newsletter you’ll find options that can overcome this barrier. 

We wish you a healthy and safe winter. Be as active as you can be. Keep talking. Take advantage of the support that is available. Take care.

Please distribute via useful networks and pass on as appropriate to individuals, friends, colleagues, neighbours, community groups and organisations who may benefit from this information. 

Help us reach those individuals who may find it useful and supportive!

You can download a copy here;

Best wishes to all,

Forward Mid Team